Kalyan: Two teenagers beaten up for throwing a pebble in lake

Feb 01, 2017, 14:13 IST | Faisal Tandel

Navneet Shetty (16) was beaten up for throwing a stone in a lake in Kalyan
Navneet Shetty (16) was beaten up for throwing a stone in a lake in Kalyan

Throwing a stone in a lake cost two 16-year-old boys heavily after they were beaten up by two villagers for it. The reason given for the assault was that a pipeline running through the lake had recently been damaged after someone had thrown a stone in, and the villagers thought the two youngsters were behind it.

The victims have been identified as Navneet Shetty and his friend Sahil Saurav, both residents of Godrej Hills in Khadakpada, Kalyan (West). Both are students of New Lord junior college in Kalyan. The two accused are Kartavya Patil (23) and Shunny Desaikar (43). The incident took place on Monday around 11.30 am, when Navneet and Saurav were standing near the lake in Godrej Hills and talking.

Navneet's paternal uncle Harish, who owns Shangrila resort and water park in Thane, said, "The villagers assaulted the boys badly with a bamboo stick. They could have counselled them, beating up was not the right thing to do."

Navneet said he had gone to Saurav's place to take some notebooks, after which they were standing near the lake and talking, when the two accused came by on a bike. "We had just thrown one stone in the lake, which the two noticed. They came up to us and directly started beating us," he added.

Assistant inspector V Pawar said, "During investigation, it was found that a pipeline passed through the lake, and a few days prior to the assault someone had thrown a stone in the lake, damaging the the pipeline. That had led to a water problem in a nearby village, where the two accused stayed."

Pawar added that they were about to register a case against the two when the complainants and the accused had a discussion amongst themselves, after which the former said that they didn't want to file an FIR. "However, we registered a non-cognisable case and are investigating further. We sent a notice to the accused under section 149 of the CrPC, 1973," said Pawar.

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