Actress Kangana Ranaut says she is not just a fan of Hansal Mehta's sensitive handling of subjects on screen but also loves his understanding and respect towards the fairer sex in real life.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana and Hansal are teaming up on a film titled 'Simran' and the 29-year-old actress couldn't be happier as she gets to work with a man she finds an incredible talent and a wonderful person.

"Hansal is one of the most incredible and genuine talents that we have today. His 'Aligarh' has by far been the best film India has seen in last 10 years and apart from being talented, he is a wonderful person," Kangana told PTI.

"The other day I called him, he told me he was ironing his daughters' clothes. He treats his wife equally, he divides jobs with her. He is a true-blue feminist. I love him for that and have so much respect for him."

The 'Queen' actress says it is due to his respect for women that he has always been protective and supportive of her.

"He genuinely has respect for women. So, no wonder he feels very protective of me and more than that he is extremely supportive of me. He takes care of everyone around him. I am looking forward to working with him."

Also impressed with his working style, Kangana says that like her first director Anurag Basu, Hansal does not give his actors full-fledged scripts and takes each day as it comes on set.

"The best part about him... After Anurag Basu, he is one director who does not give you a full-fledged script in hand.

He won't give you dialogues.

"Every day is a new day with him. He leaves it to the environment to inspire him, to his surroundings to tell him what scene he should shoot... He is a person who lives life with a lot of onsciousness. I am a huge fan of him."