Kangana Ranaut meaty affair

If you thought that Kangana Ranaut lived on soups and salads to maintain her lithe frame, you're mistaken. The lady is a hard-core foodie, and can't imagine 'torturing' her taste buds. Kangana, who is also famous for her cooking skills (among her friends), talks to CS about her passion for food:

Who: Kangana Ranaut
What: Talks about her love for food

Cuisine clue
I love...  Aah! Why do you want me to name one cuisine and upset the others? I adore Italian, French and Arabic dishes. And so it's injustice to name some and omit the others. But that's not to say that I don't enjoy Indian food.

On my platter
I love steak, Kashmiri Yakhni pulao, mutton Shorba, South Indian mutton and chicken dishes. But I can eat Parsi dhansak and dal gosht at any given point of time. Basically, I love all the dishes that contain meat. And my favourite spice is freshly grounded black pepper. It adds taste to almost anything. 

Kitchen champion
Whenever I get some time, I love to meddle around in the kitchen. I cook a variety of Indian dishes, both North and South Indian. My specialty, obviously, are the meat dishes -- chicken kofta, chicken dhania, Nalli Nihari, the list is endless!

Romantic meal
It has to be a seven-course meal for sure accompanied by pink champagne or red wine. It should start with caviar and salmon, followed by little appetizers. Not to mention soups, breads and gourmet main course dishes. The quantity isn't very important, but the quality is. 

Chaat craze...
In Delhi, I just binged on chaat items like dahi papdi chaat, aloo chana chaat and plain aloo chaat. I can never say no to panipuri.

Biryani babe...
Earlier, I could eat biryani for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now that I have grown a little older and understand the dynamics of food, I try to restrain myself. Thankfully, I still have a very high metabolism rate and can burn fat very easily. Touch wood!

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