Kangna Ranaut a spring child

Mar 23, 2012, 07:42 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

"I am thankful to God for four things. First of all, I love being a March baby. It is spring season in Himachal Pradesh in March, when the weather's perfect and the valleys are filled with flowers. I feel great to think that I was born amidst such natural beauty. Secondly, I was born on a Sunday, which is my favourite day of the week. I am also grateful that I am blessed with a good height. Last but not the least, I am thankful to God that he kept acting in my destiny," says actor Kangana Ranaut who celebrates her 25th birthday tomorrow. CS caught up with the lady for a chat:

Who: Kangna Ranaut
What: Talking about her birthday plans

Party plans
My parents will have a pooja at home in the morning. It is like a family tradition. Lunch will be an elaborate affair, with my mother making all my favourite dishes. In the evening, I will host a dinner party for my friends. I intend to have a blast over good food, music and dance. I got myself a new dress from Paris recently. I will be wearing that with minimal accessories. I don't think any girl outgrows the idea of having new clothes on her birthday. All of us remember the pretty frocks we got on our birthdays.

No gifts please!
I am very finicky about clothes, shoes and jewellery. I always buy stuff as per my choice. And I don't wear things that don't match my taste. For example, if someone gifts me a dress, I will see it and wish that the prints on them were in blue instead of pink. So, most of these gifts lie unused at my place. I feel very bad afterwards because people spend a lot of money on buying them. I don't want gifts because I don't want to be unhappy later on.

Down memory lane
As a child, I grew up in a joint family. All our celebratory occasions were all about food. My mom used to make six-seven items with desserts, and my aunts cooked some more dishes. My birthday always fell during the school vacations, which meant that most of my friends were out of town with their families. I didn't have many kiddie parties. I also missed out on the customary distributing of sweets/toffees in school. I love chocolate cake. But I always find the cake cutting part a little embarrassing. I am okay with the idea of quietly cutting the cake and feeding people, but blowing the candles, with 50 people clapping around me gives me the blushes till date (laughs out loud). 

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