Kangna Ranaut recently managed to strike lucky at gambling during a visit to an Amsterdam casino. After creating quite a scene in the middle of her London film set, after falling flat on her face while showing off some of her newly acquired stunt skills, Kangs now has a reason to smile. The actress apparently won Rs 3 lakh at a game of Roulette.

Kangna Ranaut

A source from the unit says, “Kangna had never been to a casino ever. A couple of days back, the entire unit of Vikas Bahl’s next film decided to go to a casino and chill. Kangs also joined them and someone from the unit introduced her to Roulette. Although apprehensive initially, she just tried her luck on a small game on the insistence of a co-actor.”

Looks like Lady Luck had decided it was to be Kang’s day and the actress went on to win Rs 3 lakh. Though the actress was happy at the unexpected windfall, she promised herself that she would never gamble again in her life.” A source close to the actress says, “It was a one-off thing that she did on an impulse. However, we don’t think that she is likely to visit a casino anytime soon again!” The saying goes Lucky in gambling, unlucky in love. Even with her gambling success, we wish the actress luck in love too...