Kanpur train tragedy: Parel family returning from pilgrimage stranded for 4 hours

Ranjit Ranawat with his wife Madhu; the couple had gone on a pilgrimage to Chhattisgarh
Ranjit Ranawat with his wife Madhu; the couple had gone on a pilgrimage to Chhattisgarh

A pilgrimage to Chhattisgarh turned into a nightmare for a family from Parel, after they were stranded for hours following Sunday’s train accident near Kanpur.

Son Rushab Ranawat
Son Rushab Ranawat

Ranjit Ranawat (54), a resident of Parel, had gone on a pilgrimage to Chhattisgarh with his family last week. However, while returning home on Sunday, their train was held up for over four hours after the Indore-Patna Express derailed in Pukhrayan near Kanpur.

Due to the accident, several trains on the line were diverted. Ranawat and nine other family members — all in their 50s — were among the 800-odd passengers stuck at a station in Durg, Chhattisgarh.

Ranawat’s train, Samarasta Express (12152), was scheduled to leave Durg station at 2 pm, after which they were supposed to take a connecting train from Nagpur to Mumbai.

According to Ranawat, there was absolute chaos and confusion at the station, due to lack of information about the cause of the delay.

“The platform was overcrowded with passengers. When we asked the stationmaster about the train, he himself remained elusive. There was no place to sit at the platform,” said Ranawat.

The train left after 6 pm, and the family missed the connecting train.

Ranawat’s son, Rushab, an MBBS student who was in Pune at the time of the incident, said after passengers complained about the inconvenience the delay had caused, the express train extended its service to Mumbai. The family is now on its way home.

Despite repeated attempts, Narendra Patil, chief Public Relations Officer of CR, didn’t respond to calls.

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