It was not only Karan Johar's 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' and Ajay Devgn's 'Shivaay's tug-of-war at the Box Office, but also years old solid relationships turned sour. The professional clash entered their personal space and Kajol stood rock solid besides husband Ajay over best friend Karan Johar, which left the latter completely shattered.

Talking about it on Neha Dhupia's audio chat show, Karan Johar has opened up like never before. He said that his actions were 'impulsive' and he 'regrets' going out in public. 'It should have been one on one', thinks Karan. Through the interview, we can definitely decode one thing that Karan is all in to give this age-old friendship another chance.

On being impulsive about the fight with Kajol, he said, "I do feel that I did speak about many things and I said many things but now when I look back I'm going to say that whatever may have transpired, and everything that I said about our relationship, a lot of it I think that perhaps I reacted on impulse and put it out there."

"And now when I look back, I'm like, maybe it was something that I should have kept to myself. I think there are certain relationships are so sacred that when you hurt from them or you hold on to that pain, you keep a lot of those feelings to yourself and leave it to one on one discussion," said a dejected friend about his public fallout with Kajol.

The filmmaker has complete faith in the relationship he shared with her bestie in the past that it should be given a second chance. Read it in Karan's words.

"But having said that, the relationship is too strong in the past for me and for her not to have a 2.0 version of it."

Keeping their fight aside, Karan wanted his estranged friend to be the "first" one to see the images of his twins Yash and Roohi. "So honestly, what happened was that when the babies were born, which no one knows, I sent the message to Kajol first."

This was the message Karan sent, "I sent her a message saying that you don't have to reply to this message but I really don't want you to be seeing these babies in a newspaper or online. I want you to see what they look like and you don't need to reply."

"But I woke up with a dream and I woke up with a heavy heart and I just felt the need to send you the images of my children and I sent them to her," told Karan in the audio chat to Neha. However, like we say children melt even the hardest stone, Kajol, too melted after seeing Yash and Roohi, she instantly replied Karan saying, "They look gorgeous and I hope they give you all the love that my children have given me."

"And that was it,"concluded Karan!