Karan Tacker turns certified Scuba Diver

Fitness freak, Karan Tacker recently did a diving course in Phi Phi Islands, and is a certified Scuba Diver now.

Karan Tacker

Karan Tacker has recently found his calling in an adrenaline pumping activity. Karan's few found love has been Scuba diving! For Karan, Scuba diving recharges him. Karan is also a certified Scuba diver now.

Karan Tacker

He says, "I was aquaphobic and to get over my fear of water, I tried scuba diving in Oman. Surprisingly, I felt comfortable in deep water and now I am addicted to it. I also did a course in Phi Phi Islands and am now a certified diver. I plan my vacation such that I can enjoy this sport"

Karan Tacker



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