Fresh femme
Staying fresh is the secret behind my radiant skin and beauty. Even if I am in the midst of a hectic film shoot, events, or other assignments, I make sure that I get adequate sleep. There is nothing more rejuvenating like a proper full night’s sleep. Other than this, I drink lots of water and do yoga everyday. No cream or beauty treatment on this planet can make a difference as these things do.

Lemons to the rescue
Diet is also an important part of staying healthy in summers. I try to avoid spicy and oily food as much as I can. Fruits and salads with interesting dressings are high on my menu. I love to sip on nimbu pani (lemonade), or any mocktail with lemon in it. I like the sweet and sour taste of a lemon. It really refreshes my mood and beats the heat. The fact that lemons have medicinal properties make them even more dearer to me.

Colour code
With the mercury rising, it’s the best time to get all the bright, light and pastel colours out of the wardrobe. Though white is the safest colour, colours like orange, yellow, lime, coral, etc are the colours I really like to don. This summer my hot favourite is the lime colour and I sport it quite often.