Karisma Kapoor is a foodie

CS caught up with the ‘khandaani foodie’ to find out how strict is she about her children’s as well as her own food habits:

Karisma Kapoor

Motherly concerns
As a mother of two, I can perfectly relate to what mothers go through every morning when they struggle to send their kids off to school with a tasty yet nourishing breakfast. I try and include a mix of various breakfast options for my kids to make it a well-balanced breakfast; after all, it starts your day on a healthy note.

Foodie tales
I grew up on normal simple homemade food, a mix of continental and Indian. I specially love roast chicken and spaghetti. I have a big sweet tooth as well. I love eating chocolates, cupcakes as well as most of the Indian desserts. I eat every kind of sweet.

Who’s fitter?
I do not deny myself of any kind of food for being fit. I eat everything but in moderation; I have around 6-7 small meals in a day. Both Kareena and I are foodies. Being a part of the Kapoor khandaan, we are traditionally crazy about food (smiles). But I would say, Kareena is stricter about her diet as compared to me.

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