Karnataka's ex-BJP minister S.A. Ramdas attempts suicide

Mysore: Karnataka’s former BJP minister S.A. Ramdas late on Tuesday attempted to commit suicide by hanging in a guesthouse in this city of palaces, about 150km from Bangalore.

SA Ramdas releasing results of an entrance exam at CET cell at Malleshwaram in Bangalore. Pic: Mid DAY

“Ramdas is out of danger though under observation in a private hospital,” a party source told IANS early Wednesday.

According to unconfirmed reports, Ramdas, a 54-year-old bachelor, was upset after he learnt that a woman, who claimed that he married her recently, threatened to expose his relationship with audio and video evidence.

“We learnt from the guesthouse staff that Ramdas was rushed to Apollo hospital after he was founding hanging in the room where he checked in earlier in the day,” the source said on the condition of anonymity.

The woman, by name Premkumari, in late 30s, told local news channels that though she had known Ramdas since five years, they had come close in the recent past after he had promised to marry her and look after her, as she was a widow with two children from first marriage.

“He (Ramdas) threatened to commit suicide if I speak to media and revealed our conversations, which I had recorded in my mobile handset,” Premkumari was heard telling news anchors in local language (Kannada).

Even as Premkumari was briefing the media Tuesday evening outside a government office where she works, Ramdas reported to have called her on mobile and threatened to consume poison if she did not stop talking to the media.

Ramdas, who held the medical education portfolio in the first Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state, lost to the Congress candidate in the May 2013 state legislative assembly elections from the Krishnaraja constituency in the Old Mysore region.

  • guru13-Feb-2014

    it seems ramdas is sensitive .Her background is not good .First husband committed suicide,Second she spoiled couples relationship.Third ramdas,HE should have been careful from this lady, She must be eyeing on his property,

  • Xavier14-Feb-2014

    In one way it is good. Such politicians only, casting aside ground realities, just to get some votes had supported woman to frame such evil laws. Hope, atleast by now, the congress etc will stop talks on 'woman empowerment' and help people to live a life of dignity in this world.

  • AK Maheshwari13-Feb-2014

    Bish Kanya

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