Kartik Tiwari eats 25 eggs a day to prepare for his next film's look

Kartik has always had a chocolate boy persona, so gearing up to be a bulked up college student took a lot of efforts. The actor had 6-8 months for preparations and we hear that it was not an easy task as the amount of weight had to be increased from the right areas.

Kartik Tiwari

A source close to him informs, “Being an eggetarian, Kartik is used to having around 1-2 eggs a day, but when it came to this film, he had to eat approximately 25 eggs a day. Initially it was difficult for Kartik to consume so many eggs but with sheer determination, he made sure that he reaches his target soon. His daily routine included 12 eggs in the morning, 6-7 for lunch and the rest for dinner.”

Now, when you comes across Kartik’s latest pumped up look, well we know the reason behind it.  

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