Walnut wood bowls, papier-m �ch � boxes and vases, silk shawls, woolen rugs and other handmade products from Kashmir are on sale at Kashmir Art Bazaar at Worli. The GUIDE dropped in for a dekko

Located in a corner of Atria Mall is Kashmir Art Bazaar, a new shop that specialises in handmade products from Kashmir. It is the brainchild of Mir Shafat Ahmed who runs the shop with his Kashmir-based brothers.

Papier-m �ch � tray and boxes

Ahmed started off by sourcing products handmade across villages in Kashmir and selling them at his earlier wholesale outlet. But when the outlet shut shop, he decided to start a retail outlet instead. At the back of his mind was also a desire to do something for the people living in his home state where getting employment is a major concern.

The shop has an extensive variety of colourful stoles and Pashmina shawls in wool and silk as well as rugs. Apart from that, they also offer papier-m �ch � home decor items including wooden bangles, small wooden cabinets, vases, trinket boxes, pen stands and photoframes. Check out their walnut wood trays and the brass plates that can enliven your kitchen space as well.

We liked the fact that most of the products are vibrant and have eye-catching designs on them. While some of the decorative items such as the Santa figurines and the decorative balls to hang from the Christmas tree hardly make sense now since the festival got over more than a month ago, the floral designs on their rugs, boxes and cabinets were very eye-catching.

We also loved the fact that a lot of their items are quite affordable and won't pinch your pocket unlike their neighbouring shops at the mall.

On the day we dropped in, Ahmed was patiently demonstrating a number of shawls and rugs to a bunch of customers and explaining the uniqueness of each piece. So, even if your knowledge of Kashmiri artefacts is sketchy at the best, you will come out from the experience a few bucks lighter but with more food for thought.

Open 11 am to 9.30 pm
At Kashmir Art Bazaar, Atria Mall, ground floor, Worli.
cost Rs 750 onwards for walnut wood trays, Rs 400 onwards for shawls, Rs 300 per square feet onwards for rugs, Rs 50 onwards for papier-m �ch � products, Rs 550 onwards for purses, Rs 1,050 for cabinets