New Delhi: Former Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) chief AS Dulat has claimed that everybody in Kashmir makes money off the unstable situation in the region, alleging that it is 'in their DNA'.

In an interview with a Pakistani television network, Dulat said that there are lots of ways to motivate people, including distributing money to them. He also noted that the Indian agency also had many friends among the people of Kashmir, adding that there was nothing new in intelligence agencies paying off separatist leaders.

Dulat also questioned the 'hue and cry' surrounding intelligence agencies paying off members of the Hurriyat, noting that senior journalist Praveen Swami written the same in a Frontline article. At the statement, the interviewer, Ejaz Haider, admitted that intelligence agencies are paying the Hurriyat. However, Dulat later said that the Hurriyat might be annoyed at him for saying so.

Dulat also stated that talks between India and Pakistan always fall short of fruition, stating that it was a tragedy that Indo-Pak talks 'hote hote reh gaya', noting that the same holds true for both the Agra summit as well as the agreements forged by former prime minister Manmohan Singh. He also said that disruptions in the peace process have occurred due to Islamabad and New Delhi's political decisions being at cross purposes.