Kate Middleton cried watching 'War Horse'

The Duchess of Cambridge was so moved while watching Steven Spielberg's "War Horse" that she couldn't hold back her tears.


"My wife, Kate Capshaw, had to hand the Duchess a tissue as she sat weeping in the stalls during the film's premiere. I was sitting next to her and all I know is, at one point, my wife -- who was sitting to my right -- right in front of my face, she passed a Kleenex," quoted Spielberg as saying.

"I saw the Kleenex go across my face, arrive and stop but I didn't want to intrude on her experience watching 'War Horse' so I never glanced over," he added.

Dreamworks Studio and Reliance Entertainment's World War I epic is based on Michael Morpurgo's classic story about a boy and his horse Joey.

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