'Kaum De Heere' producer threatens legal action against censor board

Jalandhar: The producer of controversial Punjabi film 'Kaum De Heere', which is based on the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, has threatened to take legal action against the censor board after its release was stayed by the government.

"We are consulting our lawyer. First, we will file a case against the censor board. We will go to court and then we will go to public," Satish Katiyal told PTI.

"There is nothing controversial in the film. The Centre has banned the film due to political pressure. It is a rumour that we bribed to get our film cleared from censor board," he said.

When told that the Home Ministry decided to ban the film because the subject was sensitive, Katiyal claimed the officials from the Ministry saw the film on August 17 but they did not object at that time. He also claimed that though the film is based on the assassination of Indira Gandhi nowhere they have portrayed the killers as heroes contrary to media reports.

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