Kellan Lutz wants to start a family

Actor Kellan Lutz, famous for his role Emmett in the 'Twilight Saga', says he wants to start a family soon.

Kellan Lutz

The 26-year-old actor, who is currently dating model Sharni Vinson, says he doesn't care much about success in the acting world but wants to have a healthy family life, reported Showbizspy.

"For me, success isn't in the acting world. Success for me is having a family so I hope a few years from now I will be married with two boys and a little girl running around with a place in Denva, Collorado, because I love the mountains.

I also want another place in Hawaii by the beach," Lutz said. The actor had recently said he wants to do another "Twilight" film. "I love my character and I would love to do more.

It's one of the things all the cast have talked about. It would be really cool to play more of my character and have some more lines. I know Stephanie has written more so who knows? It could happen," he said.


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