Kendall Jenner starstruck by US President Barack Obama

Los Angeles: Supermodel Kendall Jenner got starstruck for the first time when she met US President Barack Obama.

Kendall Jenner and Barack Obama. Pics/AFP
Kendall Jenner and Barack Obama. Pics/AFP

Kendall says she doesn't normally get overcome with nerves when she meets other famous people, but she couldn't help but be gripped by shyness when she came face-to-face with Obama at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday, reports

Asked if she gets starstruck, Kendall said: "Never. That was like my first time, ever".

But she added that Obama was more interested in her half sister Kim Kardashian and brother-in-law Kanye West, who he has met several times.

"He was like, 'Say hi to Kim and Kanye. I was like 'OK'," she said.

The annual fundraising gathering of White House correspondents and their guests was also attended by the likes of Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett, Michelle Dockery and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

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