Kenya honours Muslim man who died shielding Christians during attack

Nairobi: Kenyans are donating to the family of a Muslim man who was fatally wounded by Islamic extremists while shielding Christians during an attack on a bus.

Salah Farah. Pic/Twitter
Salah Farah. Pic/Twitter

On Twitter the hashtag HeroSalah has been trending as some Kenyans fundraise for the family of Salah Farah, who died in a Nairobi hospital on Sunday. On Tuesday his body was flown home to the northeastern town of Mandera for burial.

Farah, who was a teacher in the coastal town of Malindi, was among passengers on a bus from Mandera to Nairobi in December when they were attacked by al-Shabab gunmen.

When they were ordered to separate according to religion, he was among the Muslims who stood up to protect the Christians. He was shot in the hip.

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