Kenyan player in South Africa gun drama seeks compensation

Nairobi: A Kenyan international footballer is demanding over $37,000 in compensation after being forced out of South Africa Premier Soccer League (PSL) side Golden Arrows.

Winger Cliffton Miheso, who also plays for the country's national football team Harambee Stars, was forced out of Arrows amid a gun drama last month. He has instructed his lawyers based in Nairobi to pursue damages for contract violation, reports Xinhua.

The player fled to the C.R. Swart Square Police Station in Durban after he was allegedly forced to sign a contract termination letter by Arrow's Chief Executive and two gunmen who used their weapon to threaten him.

"Further we are instructed that in blatant breach of Articles 13 and 16 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players as well as clause 18 of the contract, your club on Jan. 14, frustrated the contract by unilaterally terminating the contract disregarding the right procedure as is stipulated in the contract," part of the demand letter to Arrows reproduced in local press read.

The letter also said, "We are instructed that your Chief Executive Officer together with two gunmen violently forced and coerced our client to sign a document of termination of contract."

It said that kind of termination shall not stand in law as it is pure intimidation, undue "influence and /or duress as our client was induced to do so other than by his own free will".

Miheso signed with the PSL side in June last year for an initial one-year period before his deal was terminated halfway through the contract in acrimonious circumstances.

Following the confrontation, the player fled to the police who escorted him back to the club to get his pay for December 2016 and January before he returned to Kenya.

Miheso is also accusing Arrows of refusing to give him his signing-on fee of $14,800.

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