KGB tried to recruit me: UK PM Cameron

Sep 13, 2011, 08:25 IST | Agencies
UK Prime Minister David Cameron reveals that the secret police organisation had approached him to be a double agent for them during his days as a student

Here's a perfect script for a spy thriller: UK PM David Cameron has claimed that the KGB sought to sign him up as a double agent.

Regaling students at Moscow State University yesterday morning, the Prime Minister recalled his first visit to Russia as a student on his gap year between school and university in 1985.

Spy vs spy: Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev shares a lighter moment with
UK PM David Cameron after he relayed the time when spies from KGB
approached him when he was a citizen. pic/afp

"I took the Trans-Siberian Railway from Nakhodka to Moscow and went on to the Black Sea coast," he said.

"There two Russians -- speaking perfect English -- turned up on a beach mostly used by foreigners. They took me out to lunch and dinner and asked me about life in England and what I thought about politics," he added.

"When I got back I told my tutor at university and he asked me whether it was an interview. If it was, it seems I didn't get the job." Quite how the KGB gags, if that's what they were, will go down with Cameron's already prickly hosts remains to be seen.

Over breakfast (served with large quantities of alcohol, the PM and his policy advisers discussed how to approach the first visit by a British leader to Russia for six years.

In a joint press conference later, Russian PM Medvedev said, "I'm pretty sure that David would have been a very good KGB agent. But in this case he would never have become Prime Minister of the UK."

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