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Mudanna P Shetty established Ankur in 1941, and it stands today as one of the oldest restaurants in the Fort area. Such is the popularity that this eatery enjoys in the city that the BMC renamed Tamarind Lane as Mudanna P Shetty Marg in 1992, in memory of the owner.

Interiors of Ankur
Interiors of Ankur

The eatery started out as an Udipi, and was known as New Welcome Restaurant. Soon, it grew famous for its thalis and authentic South Indian snacks. After a couple of years, it was re-christened as Ankur and its menu underwent a change.

The entrance of the eatery
The entrance of the eatery

From being an all-vegetarian joint, it started serving non-vegetarian fare as well, primarily Mangalorean cuisine. If you’re in the area and yearning for some lip-smacking fare, try their Kori Gassi, Neer Dosas, Masa Ajadina, and crab, prawns, lobster and fish dishes, and celebrate the 73-year-old legacy of this eatery.

At: Meadows House, 77, MP Shetty Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort.
Phone: 22654194
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