1. Tell us about teaching deaf and mute students.
I wanted to do something different and so decided to teach the deaf and mute people to protect themselves. They need it more as they cannot shout if they are attacked.

|Harjit Singh Karate Instructor


2. What are the challenges that you face ?
While teaching them, the most difficult thing has been to remember that they cannot hear you, they will only imitate what you do. Due to this, all your moves have to be perfectly defined for them to understand it. Boys and girls are equally interested in it. During the session, I ask one of my students to stand beside me, and when I cannot explain what to do, he or she writes it down and helps me understand the way to explain it to the students, in their language. I feel that there is a risk that if they don’t understand properly, they will hurt themselves due to the wrong moves or by hitting the other person in a wrong manner.

3. Please share a few tips.
By learning karate, one cannot become self-confident or save himself or herself, you have to develop the confidence to defend yourself. One has to practise to be fit; some people earn a black belt and leave the practice. I offer to teach deaf and mute children, free of cost too, if needed. they must be taught to protect themselves.

About Harjit Singh>>
He is the coach of Shotokan Karate Institute teaches at The Shri Ragnathan School for Deaf and the Mute children. Singh has been teaching for more than a year now. He earned his black belt in 1997 and since then, has been practising and teaching this martial art form to people from various age groups in the city.
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