Kid's day out

Nov 27, 2011, 11:07 IST | SMD Team

Looking for that perfect gift for your child's birthday that is dangerously close around the corner? Check out this online store that will help you think up the gift and then procure it

You've visited every store in the city to locate what you thought was the ideal gift only to realise that it's not what they wanted at all. In case shopping for your kiddo is giving you nightmares, fret not.

Large toy stores or shopping mall sections for kids might have options, but the sale attendant is likely to be as clueless, as you are. Eventually you might end up buying something expensive that your child loses interest in, within minutes.

Here's a solution. In February this year, Kidloo (, an online toy store for children, was launched. Apart from a customer care service, this website also has a live chat feature, where 'specialists' are available to help adults pick the right toys for children.

"We have a dedicated staff that helps adults make the right choice. We look at the age group the child belongs to, the budget of the parent, and the kind of toy the child likes before we make a recommendation," says Prashant G, CEO of the company.

In all, the online store has in excess of 5,000 different toys from more than 70 different brands. In a few months, they promise to have more than 200 brands. Apart from Indian brands, they also source toys from the US, UK, Singapore and China.

Currently, they are reportedly in talks to make available the Lego Harry Potter series, a series of Lego theme games based on important scenes and characters in the Harry Potter books.

Prashant G, who worked for 11 years in the sales division of several IT companies, says he co-founded the portal after realising the potential of the domain. "An online store beats a real-time store. Even the largest stores, can stock only a certain number of toys, unlike us. And usually, their staff isn't trained to recommend toys," he says.

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