The last time we checked, this video of a fat kid boogieing to the tunes of Dhinka Chika and Mera Hi Jalwa had been viewed 2,94,351 times on Youtube and it has gone viral on Facebook too. While many think it's really funny we could not quite see the humorous side to it.

There is no doubt that the kid, named Akshat (we found out) is extremely talented, judging by his butt shakes and pelvic thrusts a la Salman Khan, we are not sure how many of us would like to see our kids aping Mr Khan's antics and expressions. We often say let kids be kids, but that seldom seems to happen. We're guessing Akshat is a six to eight-year-old but he copies Khan's moves to the tee and that too without clothes on.

Now we know, the brawny actor is famous for taking off his T-shirt at every opportunity he deems fit, but we see no reason why this kid was made to gyrate to the songs, in just an underwear. Perhaps it was an attempt to make it funny, but kids copying obscene steps by famous actors, who do not mind making a fool of themselves on screen, doesn't really pass of as funny. We, like a lot of people who've commented on the video, just hope the kid doesn't chance upon the video when he is older.

Akshat has also danced in a show called Dance Bangla Dance Junior, which was judged by the veteran disco dancer, Mithun Chakraborty. Though, the kid did take off his shirt towards the end of the performance, on the whole it seemed a lot better in terms of movements and steps as compared to the first video. Whether with clothes on or not, the videos have become viral and the kid, a talk of the town. 

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