Killer says Anuj Bidve had the 'biggest head'

Jul 18, 2012, 07:34 IST | Agencies

Kiaran Stapleton (21) of Ordsall, is on trial for the murder of the Indian student and while in prison he threw a bucket of hot sugared water over a man and carried out an assault using billiard balls in a sock.

The jury heard how Stapleton — who admitted to shooting Bidve on Boxing Day last year — chose his victim ‘because he had the biggest head’.

Prosecution expert Dr Adrian West asked Stapleton why he singled out Bidve while he was among a group of friends

He said: “[Stapleton] replied, ‘only because he had the biggest head’.”

Dr West said Stapleton added, “I blew a hole in his head. There is nothing I can say, nothing whatsoever. They should have got a taxi. Things would have been different if they had got a taxi.” Bidve was cutting through Ordsall Lane with friends on the way to Boxing Day sales when he was approached by the defendant and shot.

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