Kim Kardashian to star in a 'Ted' sequel?

London: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will reportedly make a cameo in the sequel of the 2012 Mark Wahlberg-starrer comedy 'Ted'.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian. Pic/Santa Banta 

Kardashian, 33, is approached by the makers of the film as they feel she has got a good sense of humour, reported MTV Online.

"Ted loves his women and there are scenes in 'Ted 2' which ask for a curvaceous woman to flirt and twerk with Ted, eventually leading to the bedroom.

Producers are confident they can get Kim in for the part as she not only has the figure for it, she has a great sense of humour," a source said.

The source added that Kardashian's husband, Kanye West, is a big fan of Seth MacFarlane, the creator of 'Ted', as well as 'American Dad!' and 'Family Guy'.

"Kanye thinks Seth MacFarlane is a genius and his favourite TV show is 'American Dad'. Kim actually features as a pink, furry, sex-hungry alien in the latest series," the source said.

'Ted 2' will feature Wahlberg, 43, MacFarlane, 40, who will reprise the role of Ted, and Amanda Seyfriend, 28.

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