Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby 2016 along with Signature packaged drinking water hosted an enthralling evening of glamour and entertainment at Royal Western Indian Turf Club on Thursday night.

Fashion enthusiasts and racing lovers of Mumbai assembled to discuss all things equestrian and stylish. Kailash Kher entertained the audience with his soulful performance.

Zavary Poonawalla, Vijay Mallya and Vivek Jain
Zavary Poonawalla, Vijay Mallya and Vivek Jain

Speaking on the occasion, Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Senior VP, Marketing, United Breweries Limited, said, “The Derby which is scheduled to take place today is one of the most coveted horse racing events in the country — an eclectic mix of sport, fashion and high energy. The Draw of Lots is an event in the run-up to the race as it brings the jockeys, trainers and horse owners under one roof and the order of the horses is decided. The countdown to the most awaited event is inching close and we look forward to a great race and a fashion fiesta at the Derby!”

Kailash Kher Pics/Onkar devlekar
Kailash Kher Pics/Onkar Devlekar

Vivek Jain, Chairman. RWITC says, "The Derby night was the perfect launch for the biggest weekend for Indian racing. With all our effort it was a record breaking event with the prize money at an all time high."