Kishore Kumar biopic back on track

Anurag Basu met the legendary musician's family and got the green signal for the project that has been delayed for three years

The much-discussed biopic on Kishore Kumar that was in cold storage for three years has finally gotten a go-ahead from the singer's family.

Anurag Basu

Last month, director Anurag Basu met the legendary singer's family - wife Leena Chandarvarkar and his two sons, singer Amit Kumar and Sumeet Kumar - to discuss the project. The film titled Kishore is now finally on track.

Amit Kumar won't only sing his father's songs in the film; he will also play a cameo. Ranbir Kapoor is said to play Kishore Kumar in the film. The director speaks about meeting the musician's family, "They like the idea of me doing the film. So there's no stumbling block from that side."

Kishore Kumar

Anurag, who has already lost a lot of time with the making of Barfee, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, is determined to quicken his pace this new year. Now, he wants to direct one film per year.

It appears that Anurag has made up his mind to do the Kishore Kumar project with Ranbir Kapoor first and then proceed with his next project about a mathematician who has taken his knowledge to the grassroots of Bihar.

A source says, "Anurag has been doing extensive research on both the subjects. He has been in and out of Kolkata and Patna visiting friends and relatives of Kishore Kumar and Anand Kumar respectively.
He's going with the Kishore film first." Buzz is that the producers of the biopic were keen that he starts this project right after Barfee. Ranbir has already been researching Kishore's life extensively. The actor's father Rishi Kapoor was a close friend of the singer. However Anurag says, "Right now, Ranbir and I are concentrating on Barfee."

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