This concept of Kishore Kumar's son Amit's new album will freak you out

Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar

Veteran singer Kishore Kumar was known for his eccentric streak and fetish for frightening movies. Now, son Amit Kumar is emerging a chip of the old bohemian block.

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

The singer-composer is set to release his latest pop-romantic-album, which sees him chilling in an open coffin as he croons his title track, Zinda hoon main.

The lyrics of the album have been penned by Kishoreda's actress-wife Leena Chandavarkar.

"It also implies that these days I sing 'live', mainly for concerts. I can't 'Rest-In-Peace', unless I perform ," chuckles Kumar Jr. Amit will pay vocal tributes to his 'Baba'(KK) as he releases the tracks next weekend. It is an interesting concept, we think!

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