Kishwer Merchantt mocked for her looks and acting skills on Twitter

It's not a trend that is encouraged and definitely not welcome. Twitter trolls have become a nuisance and several celebrities have retorted back to their detractors on social networking sites. The latest to join the bandwagon is Kishwer Merchantt.

Kishwer Merchant mocked for her looks and acting skills on Twitter
Kishwer Merchantt

A twitter account holder who goes by the name BCL insider called on Kishwer and mocked her about being a struggler and asked her to check the mirror first before commenting on anyone's face. The actress replied back mocking his language skills.

The fight escalated when this unknown user made fun of Kishwer's acting skills, who then ordered him to get out of her profile. However, the fight didn't get too ugly, they kept tweeting about teaching Kishwer acting and how the user knew nothing but trolling.

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