Kit Harington: Sexism towards men in film to be acknowledged

May 31, 2016, 09:58 IST | PTI

London: 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington has called for sexism towards men in the film and TV industry to be more widely acknowledged.

Kit Harington in 'Game of Thrones'
Kit Harington in 'Game of Thrones' . Pic/Santa Banta

The actor, 29, said he often feels subjected to sexism, particularly when he is asked to strip off during photo shoots, reported Digital Spy.

"I don't want to seem ungrateful I'm lucky. But I can't say that I like a lot of attention a lot of the time. can't pick and choose when you get it.

"I think there is a double standard. If you said to a girl, 'Do you like being called a babe?' and she said, 'No, not really,' she'd be absolutely right."

The actor went on to say, "I like to think of myself as more than a head of hair or a set of looks. It's demeaning. Yes, in some ways you could argue I've been employed for a look I have. But there's a sexism that happens towards men."

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