In early November, Kitaab the Singapore-based independent publishing and multimedia company, which focuses on Asian writing, had also launched a crowdfunding campaign to stay afloat and publish more. Zafar Anjum, its director, informs that this is their first crowdfunding campaign.

Supporters of Kitaab can visit and donate to the campaign for some perks. “Soon, we will also launch a crowdfunded publishing programme where individual books will be launched through the process.

Zafar Anjum, Kitaab
Zafar Anjum, Kitaab

Kitaab has taken birth in the digital age, and we are embracing everything digital — from crowdfunding to collaborative editing to social media marketing and e-commerce,” he reveals.

The campaign was launched recently and so far, they have raised over $300. Some platforms in the West encourage crowdfunded publishing, “But Kitaab is different. We are trying to provide an end-to-end platform for Asian writers: from crowdfunding to traditional publishing, quality editing and marketing services, to new and seasoned authors,” he points out.

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