Knock Knock...there are laughs in store

Raell Padamsee's Ace Productions is back with a new play and an old one.

The new play, Knock Knock Who’s There? featuring Karla Singh, Shahriyar Atai, Danesh Irani, Benaf Dadachanji and others is a farcical musical comedy which they say is a fantastic take on Aapri Mumbai.

Knock Knock Who's There

In this play two girls tell a tiny lie which snowballs into an avalanche, and the only way they can save themselves is with more lies.

They are also back with Unfaithfully Yours, the play that deals with an unconventional love story where the protagonists are in a 26-year-long relationship without ever being married to each other.

The play begins in 1990 when the two of them hit it off at a friend’s wedding, and continues till the present day.

On: February 27, 5 pm onwards
At: Jamshed Bhabha Theatre NCPA  
Entry: Rs 350 
Call: 61586158

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