Kochi Metro Rail Corporation treats construction workers to lunch

Jun 16, 2017, 05:54 IST | Agencies

The workers at the traditional sadhya after which they danced
The workers at the traditional sadhya after which they danced

It could have been just another construction job, but the Kochi Metro in Kerala made sure it gave thousands of workers a parting gift to remember. On Monday, migrant workers were treated by the Kochi Metro Rail Corporation to lunch and a dance party. They were also urged to write on a message board, reported NDTV.

The workers, in their neon construction jackets, had traditional Kerala Sadhya — a special vegetarian lunch served on banana leaves. Photos online showed the workers feasting, dancing and writing their messages on a board in the metro’s signature blue.

"In Kerala, before a housewarming, labourers are given a feast to show that their efforts are appreciated. We just kept the tradition," Kochi Metro sources told NDTV.

The workers, part of the Kochi Metro team for four years, come from states like Bihar and Bengal. Officials say they often worked 12-hour shifts for nominal pay.

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