Kokum juice in a tetra pak

Nov 16, 2011, 11:52 IST | Aviva Dharmaraj

In the middle of ticking off items on a grocery list that prominently featured chips, cookies and instant noodles, I chanced upon this tetra pak advertising juice from the alleged origin of the kokum fruit: The Konkan.

Pic/ Shadab Khan

Feeling a little guilty about my shopping choices staring up at me from my shopping cart, I decided to fling the hapless tetra pak in and proceed to the cash counter.

A few Internet-research minutes later (did you know that the botanical name for kokum is Garcinia indica?), I found out the reason for the tag of 'Traditional Functional food' on the pack.

Turns out, the kokum fruit is a good source of dietary fibre and Vitamin C, and has zero cholesterol. For the real deal, one would certainly recommend getting as close to source as possible.

So, a katori of sol kadi will probably do more wonders for you and any, ahem, 'functioning' than some sweetened juice. But for days when you're craving some salty-sweet kokum sherbet, this should do the trick.

What: Konkan Kokum
For: Rs 15
At: Godrej Nature's Basket outlets
Log on to: www.aparant.info

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