'Kolaveri Di' star in Varanasi

No torturous relationship shall plague Dhanush, now staying at the holy city for his Bollywood debut. Only a maharaj entrusted to fatten him up, may

While Ranvijay Singh is busy training hard, Dhanush (of Kolaveri Di fame) is happy to just pile on the pounds. The South Indian actor, who recently became a nation-wide sensation because of his song, Why this Kolaveri Di, is in Varanasi, doing just that.

Dhanush is getting ready to play lover boy in what will be his first Bollywood venture -- Aanand Rai's Raanjhanaa -- and the director has asked the actor to put on at least eight kilos before shooting begins.
"I don't want him to look fat. I want him to look fit for a Brahmin boy from Varanasi, who eats puris made of ghee for breakfast everyday. He should have a slight hint of a paunch," said Rai.

Rai has rented a modest apartment in Varanasi, where Dhanush will spend three months to acclamatise himself to the traditions and customs of the place. He will also be left to the mercy of a Maharaj.

Said Rai, "The local maharaj (cook) will make the food that will help Dhanush get into character."

Dhanush, who is known to go to great lengths to prepare for his Tamil film roles, will mingle with pilgrims and pedestrians in the holy pilgrimage city for Hindus.

"I want Dhanush to blend into the multi-cultural fabric of Varanasi," said Rai.

Secret cameras would film the actor as he mingles with people in Varanasi, and these scenes will be incorporated in the film.

Meanwhile, Dhanush is getting ready for his Hindi debut and is busy learning the language. At present, the Tamil actor knows only a smattering of Hindi words.

"I intend to follow my director's instructions blindly. Beyond that, I don't really need to bother about the language. I just need to be natural on screen," said Dhanush. However, the actor has asked friend Abhishek Bachchan to tutor him on basic grammatical rules. The two converse in Hindi whenever they interact.

"I could easily turn the hero's character in Raanjhanaa into a Tamil Brahmin in Varanasi. But why should I? I am going the whole hog with Dhanush. He has lengthy complicated lines of dialogue and I'm confident he will manage," said Rai.



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