Kunal Chandra clinches CR Cup

The bi-annual tournament saw 307 poker enthusiasts vying for the top honour aboard India’s biggest floating casino — Casino Royale Goa. 

Kunal Chandra
Kunal Chandra

The 4-day event kicked off on July 24, with 112 players in the Rs 10K event. The Rs 20K event saw 105 players fighting it out while the Rs 40K round, that was held over two days, saw another 90 players fought it out for a total pot of Rs 36 lakh. In an electrifying finale, only six players remained for the final pot of Rs 11 lakh.

Apart from Chandra, there were other winners too: Sangeeth “Samoh” Mohan, Jasven “The Jazz man” Saigal, and Zarran Tamboli winning the Rs10K challenge, while Rohit Mathur, Shashank Sidharth and Saigal were the top winners in the Rs 20K Challenge. 

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