Kupwara martyr Santosh Mahadik's wife Swati set to join Indian Army

Jun 05, 2016, 16:11 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

Six months after the death of martyr Santosh Mahadik, the commanding officer of 41 Rashtriya Rifle who battled to safeguard the country from terrorist, his 35-year old wife has geared up and has cleared all five rounds of Services Selection Board (SSB) examination.

Martyr Santosh Mahadik with wife Swati and kids

As soon as the medical fitness report is received, she is set to be undergo a training to serve the Indian Army.

38-year-old Colonel Santosh Mahadik, commanding officer of anti-terror force of 41 Rashtriya Rifles (RR) was on mission of Kupwara operation died in a gun battle against terrorist in Jammu Kashmir's Kupwara District on November 17, 2015. He hailed from a small village Pogarwadi in Satara. A son of a milkman, he was adopted by his maternal grandmother who changed his surname from Ghorpade to Mahadik. In 2003, he married Swati and they have two children - six-year-old Swarajya and 12-year-old Kartiki.

Swati who has a masters degree in Master in social work (MSW), has also done her course in Teaching and was a teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Swati wished to join the Army and has said that her two children will also join the force mid-day had spoken to her in November, 2015.

She had said, "My husband's first love was Indian Army and despite being a couple, I never became his first love and his first love took him. In order to maintain the love of my husband I wish to join the Indian Army force as this will help me to light the candle of my husband presence and his love."

Despite repeated attempt to contacted Swati she remain unanwered as she is undergoing medical test for SSB and cannot carry mobile handset

Col Mahadik’s mother Kalinda (68) Ghorpade said, "I lost my son and did not want to lose my daughter-in-law. I was upset a bit about her decision as I wanted her to take care of the children but my son was passionate about Indian Army and that spark was reflecting in Swati's eyes. I have finally agreed to it and she has really made me a prode. But I do not want to lose Swati who is like my daughter."

Col Mahadik brother Jayant Ghorpade who runs milk business said, "Soon after the death of my brother, Swati had made up her mind to join Indian Army and we supported her. A month after the death of my brother she shifted to Pune and started gearing up to crack the SSB examination. We supported her and took the responsibility of her children. Her daughter Kartiki is in standard six and she has kept her in Deharadun school while her Swarajya is studying in Panchgani school."

He added, "Swati took up class in Pune and started preparing for it. Gaining and learning from the inputs by Col Mahadik’s friend she prepared herself. She joined classes in Pune and also daily for physical exercises she use to give three to four hours of exercise. On May 25 she was called for interview and now she has cleared all five rounds. Now only medical examination is left after which she will be selected. We are confident about her selection."

When contacted Swati’s class Apex careers Lt Col (Retd) Pradeep Brahmankar said, "Swati was brilliant and her passion to join the defence has made her reach to a pinnacle. Within six months tremendous effort, hardwork and willingness have paved her."

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