Yesterday, Dombivli witnessed the Kutchi Visa Oswal Samaj spilling on to the streets and having a signature campaign to agitate against a woman from their community. Her crime: giving a matrimonial ad in the community newspaper seeking an alliance with a suitable boy who does not live in Dombivli.

A signature campaign to protest the ad
A signature campaign to protest the ad

The alliance was for a divorcee who didn’t want her future husband to be from Dombivli. This has created a furore within the community. The community members from the eastern suburb are so infuriated that they want to teach the woman a lesson for insulting the men residing in the middle class locality.

The agitators formed two teams, and visited shops, residential areas and got the forms signed for the hate campaign against the woman. The letter mentioned that Dombivli has a lot of Kutchi families and it is an insult to all of them to sideline the boys staying in the area.

The Kutchi people there told mid-day that if the family did not want a guy from Dombivli, they could have denied proposals from them over the phone, instead of making it public and that too in the community’s newspaper.

Dharmesh Dedhiya, a youngster residing in the area said, “Kutchi population is on a rise in Dombivli. Such comments will set a negative impression on not just people staying in Dombivli but even people who are planning to shift to this place.” After the advertisement came out, several people tried to get in touch with the woman but she had switched off her mobile phone by evening.

Kutchi Oswal Samaj head Jagdish Gangar said, “This advertisement was taken by mistake. We will ensure that we do not print the name of any area in our advertisements in future.” Dombivli Jain Sangh deputy head Chandresh Pasad said, “It is wrong to target one particular area like this on an open platform. Each and every Kutchi staying in this area is hurt and agitated after reading the item.”