Singer Kylie Minogue thinks it is important for men to have a good sense of humour for long-term relationships, and she also appreciates creative men.

Kylie Minogue. Pic/AFP

The 43-year-old singer, who is dating Spanish model Andreas Velencoso, believes looks and a healthy sex life are important in relationships, but feels they aren't enough for long-lasting love, reports

Asked if she finds looks, humour or good sex most appealing in a man, she said: "Can I choose a combination of all three? You definitely have to be able to laugh. I can't imagine a relationship where you don't get each other's humour.

"Looks are lovely but I think if you are attracted to someone you find what's attractive in them anyway. And in the bed department, that's a bonus..."

She added: "In recent times, let's say I've gone for the Latio type. Andreas is Spanish, Olivier (Martinez) was French and I had another director boyfriend (Stephane Sednaoui) who was French. The common denominator is being creative and artistic."