Lack of complainant adds new twist to Rizvi's overage controversy

Dec 27, 2014, 05:01 IST | Sundari Iyer

There's a new twist to the Rizvi Springfield (Bandra) controversy where the Mumbai Schools Sports Association (MSSA) has barred the school from playing in this edition of the Harris Shield Elite Division as they fielded an overage player: There is no complainant.

Javed Rizvi, trustee of Rizvi Education Society, said that it was surprising that without any complainant the 121-year-old school body has taken action on a document. “We are really confused as to who this mystery complainant is. Our school is being targeted for no reason at all. How can MSSA take such an action on just a random document? If the MSSA has decided to ban the player and the school, technically since the player has played for Mumbai U-14 and U-16 under Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) they should ban MCA too.”

He added that if MSSA plans to take action against the Bandra school, it should be the same with all participating schools. “Why is Rizvi school targeted? MSSA should delve deeper into other school’s records and ban them too. Our only plea to the MSSA is to revoke the ban,” he said.

It is learnt from an MSSA official that as per the MSSA rules, there is no need of a complainant to take any action on either a player or a school. MSSA cricket secretary HS Bhor did not comment on the issue.

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