'Ladies Football League' to take Australia by storm

Oct 18, 2011, 13:48 IST | ANI

Fantasy football is set to take on a whole new meaning in Australia, when the 'Ladies Football League' laces up in October.

Tala Schultz, who takes on the football moniker of 'X Girl' is reportedly setting up a football league in Queensland, based on the concept of 'Lingerie Football League' in the US.
"It (lingerie) adds femininity to the game and just highlights that even hot athletic chicks can hit as hard and run as fast as some of the guys,'' The Courier Mail quoted Schultz as saying.

"I'm not about making a statement about gender. I'm making a statement about the possibility for anyone to perform.

"We want to take on the America women when the Lingerie Football League tour in 2013. We will be ready.  Bring it on,'' she added.

Schultz said that more than 30 athletes have already expressed their interest in the league.

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