Lady Gaga has pure acting part in 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

Los Angeles: 'American Horror Story: Hotel' writer Ryan Murphy says pop star Lady Gaga has a pure acting role in the upcoming show.

Picture courtesy Lady Gaga Twitter account @ladygaga
Lady Gaga on sets of 'American Horror Story: Hotel'. picture courtesy Lady Gaga Twitter account @ladygaga 

Gaga will be seen in the upcoming season alongside franchise veterans Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Chloe Sevigny.

The casting of Gaga and stage veteran Cheyenne Jackson apparently led some to suspect a musical theme for Hotel, but writer Ryan Murphy is now confirming that this is not actually the case, reported Deadline.

"People, keep saying to me, 'What numbers are they singing, what numbers are they singing?' and I say, 'There will be no numbers'.

The interesting thing is we cast a lot of singers this season, but I like that singers - for the most part - tend to be great actors, because they know how to sell a story through song," Murphy said.

"I'm excited about that and I think that's why Gaga was excited about it; it's not something that she's ever done before.

"It's a pure acting part. I think people expect that she's going to be sitting in a bar in a white silk gown sort of singing songs - she is not."

Murphy added the new season will be "much more horror-based" than in previous years with it story based on "several real-life hotels in downtown LA where absolutely
horrifying things happened".

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