Lady Gaga reveals few details about her impending wedding

Mar 09, 2016, 08:48 IST | Agencies

Although Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have stayed mum about the details of their impending wedding, the singer has finally revealed a few details about the D-day during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Gaga said that the women in her family will be helping her plan out the wedding.

"I think if I wouldn't let my mom do this with all of us and my family — I think if I would deny the women of my life the planning of the wedding, they would probably kill me," she laughed. "I have all the help in the world in a way!"

As for the day, the singer exclaimed that there is nothing extraordinary planned. In fact, she wants the event to be more "family style". "We are not planning anything that is worth writing about," she joked.

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