Lamb born with 5 legs named after Tom Hanks character in 'Forrest Gump'Forrest. Pic/Facebook

A newborn lamb, born last week in Derbyshire, UK in Mark Bayley’s farm is healthy, happy and running free — despite being born with five legs.

The Bayley family has nicknamed the young male Forrest in the hope that his extra limb gives him the same love of running as Tom Hanks’ award-winning film character 'Forrest Gump'. Bayley said although it was tempting to sell Forrest for meat, he would probably be kept as a family pet, the BBC reported.

The extra limb, which is just behind Forrest's left front leg, is slightly shorter than the other four so is not interfering with his mobility at the farm in Ashbourne.

Bayley said, "It's happy, drinking, running around. I spoke to a vet briefly and they said all seemed fine. It's a bit of a novelty for me and the children and their friends so it will probably become a pet."