Larry the cat sleeps on the job while mice overrun No 10

Nov 15, 2011, 08:38 IST | Agencies
Larry the Downing Street cat may have been brought in to catch rats but it appears the ministerial feline may have to face a disciplinary.

The cat, adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home earlier this year, was expected to go chasing after rodents who have been seen scuttling in and around Number 10.

But UK PM David Cameron has resorted to throwing cutlery at mice because Larry has not been fulfilling his duties.

Living the good life: Larry the cat has only caught one mouse and
spends most of his time sleeping or with his female friend.
Pic/ Getty Images

The PM was apparently witnessed throwing a silver fork at a mouse seen running across the floor during a dinner with Cabinet ministers last week.

Downing Street aides have been growing increasingly concerned over Larry's apparent disinterest in keeping on top of the now growing rodent problem.

He was picked for the top job for his 'hunting instinct', but it appears these traits have fallen by the wayside now he has swapped London's mean streets for the cosy corridors of power.

Ministerial aides say Larry spends most of his time asleep or with his new female friend instead.

He has caught just one mouse in the last few months.

Last week's fork incident was witnessed by Work and Pension's Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Smith, the Northern Ireland Secretary, who had been invited for dinner.

On witnessing the mouse Smith reportedly said, "Where's Larry when you need him?" before Cameron's failed attempt to slay the tiny trespasser.

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