Lata Mangeshkar's emotional tribute to 'Pancham da'

Remembering Rahul Dev Burman, fondly called Pancham Da, on his 21st death anniversary Sunday, melody queen Lata Mangeshkar paid an emotional tribute to the noted Bollywood composer.

Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Mangeshkar Pic/Rane Ashish

"Aaj Pancham yaane R D Burman ki 21vi punyatithi hai (Today is the 21st death anniversary of Pancham alias R D Burman). Aisa guni kalakar sadiyo'n me ek paida hota hai, wo gaane compose bhi karta tha aur khud bhi accha gaata tha (Such talented artist is born once in ages, he used to compose songs and was also a very good singer)," she tweeted.

"Gaano'n mein naye naye prayog karna usko bohot pasand tha (He loved to try new experiments and techniques while composing songs). Aise kalakar ko meri bhavpurna shraddhanjali (I pay a sincere tribute to him)," she added.

The 85-year-old collaborated with Burman on several hit songs like “Aaja piya tohe pyar doon”, “Raina beeti jaye” and "Tune o rangeele".

Mangeshkar also shared links of her favourite Burman-composed songs "Tere bina jiya jaye na" and "Bahon mein chale aao".

R.D. Burman died at the age of 54 on Jan 4, 1994.



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