Latif not surprised by Virat Kohli incident

Pakistan's 26-year-old right-handed batsman, Khalid Latif wasn't surprised at all when he heard Indian batsman Virat Kohli was teased by Australian fans during the second Test in Sydney. Following which, the Indian batsman was fined for his 'middle finger' gesture.

A pitch invader tackles Khalid Latif in Perth on January 31, 2010.
Pic/Getty Images

A similar incident happened with Latif when Pakistan were playing their fifth ODI at Perth in January last year. While fielding at boundary, one spectator rushed to the pitch to get hold of Latif. "I was told that it was a bet with his colleagues to come to the ground (from the stands) and touch me," Latif, now not in the Pakistan squad for the series against England, said from Dhaka, where he is playing in a premier league tournament. 

"I was fielding at the boundary and the spectator suddenly came and caught my neck. I fell down. The police and security people caught him thereafter," he added. As a result, International Cricket Council asked Cricket Australia (CA) for a detailed report for the breach of security. The 38-year-old spectator David James Fraser has been banned for life from entering into this stadium for any match.

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