A Beijing lawyer has sought an apology from a television station for erroneously showing his picture and describing him as the man who allegedly kept six women as sex slaves

Shangdong Television used the picture of Wang Jin, of Beijing City Linkzone Law Firm, in a news programme about the sex slave scandal last Friday, claiming it was that of suspect Li Hao, Shanghai Daily reported.

The video was later posted online. It appeared in the first report on the scandal on search engine Baidu.com.

Wang said: "I received numerous calls from friends and relatives asking me whether I had any relationship with the case and the suspect."

The lawyer has asked the station to apologise on the same programme and admit its mistake, since his life and work have been seriously affected due to it.

An official at the station said the case was being investigated and it would respond soon.

Li Hao, a former official of the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in Luoyang, Henan province, allegedly kept six women as sex slaves for two years in a dungeon, killing two of them. He is accused of forcing them into prostitution and featuring them in pornographic videos put on the Internet for profit.